Company name XBRIDGE
Established 9th July, 2010
Representative director Founder and CEO Yoichi Miura
Business XBRIDGE is the leading fintech and blockchain technology provider

  1. Crypto exchange platform development
  2. High frequency matching engine platform for crypto and FX
  3. Multi-asset trading platform integration (MT4/5)
  4. Payment gateway solutions
  5. CRM/back-office solutions
  6. Crypto and FX liquidity solutions and consultation
  7. Crypto wallet software development
  8. ICO token development
  9. Blockchain technical adviser
  10. Acceleration of open innovation in enterprises
  11. Blockchain planning and management
  12. Crypto meet-ups, support events for blockchain and crypto
  13. Industry/academia collaborative research and development on blockchain
  14. Support for international fintech/blockchain businesses entering Japan
  15. Support for Japanese fintech/blockchain businesses going international
Contact TEL:+81-3-5542-0445
E-mail: sales@xbridge.co.jp
Home page http://www.xbridge.co.jp
Head office Shintomi Bldg 7F, 2-5-10 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0041, Japan